Problem Saturated Stories And Cute Girls On Bikes

I took a walk through town today and had a small but meaningful experience that I'd like to share. Near the end of the walk, I had the thought "People never just randomly smile at me or say hi. I'm not an approachable person." It's one of the many negative self-stories I tell myself - and lately I've been trying to look for examples to counter these problem-saturated self stories. It's amazing how many of these counterexamples I can usually find once I really look for them.

Well, before I could come up with one, a cute young woman rode by on a bike - I glanced over and noticed that she was wearing a skirt. I'm no saint, but I was gentleman enough to look away - and as she passed she said "hi" and smiled at me.
MovingForward28 MovingForward28
26-30, M
Aug 5, 2010