Potty Mouth

I love potty mouth sex during the weekends.  Talking nasty to each other is such a big turn on for me and I love to hear what is going to happen to me and telling my F*** buddy what I am going to do.

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madharchod.... Gaand me bamboo ghuswa le

Nice! Very very nice!

you do ahve a fun spirit.<br />
<br />
glad you enjoy the football parties :-)

I'm usually not big on the talkin, much less the potty mouth. But the time I was told "YOu taste f***in GREAT!" hmmmm.... almost orgasmed right there! :O

The guys sure love it and so do I. We had a football party last weekend. All men and me the only gal there and buck naked serving everyone. It did not take long before I was on the coffee table on my back with a **** in my mouth and another gliding in and out of my **** while I begged them all to pump me full of ***. As soon as one guy came I said who's next and enjoyed being ****** very very well. I was full and dripping from head to toes and talking nasty as I took load after load asking if that was all they had.

this is one very special lady

just this story has my **** hard, thanks for sharing!

Yes it does. Besides being avid nudist we also are avid swingers.