Now I Want To Be One

For years I've loved to receive anal and loved the way I look in woman's clothes.  I have been in denial though and haven't dressed up for years.  only since using woman's panties as a harness to hold in a butt plug have I noticed that I have feminine curves... and breasts... without hormones.  Just lucky I guess.  I actually have done my best to hide my naturally large breasts (for a man) so I wouldn't get teased about it.  However, recently I've been watching she male videos and realize that I'm a natural she male.  so I've begun to buy woman's clothes and make up. Soon to get high heels some wigs and of course I'm shaved everywhere...  I imagine I'll be going out in public soon as a woman and hopefully have a boyfriend too.  My only regret is that I've waited so long to accept my femininity.  It feels so natural.:)  I have no plans for any surgery or hormones as I am already already 40% female. I'm a partial hermaphrodite that was "corrected" at birth.  ******* doctors need to leave well enough alone.  But what do you expect in a christian culture.  Hail Satan!:)

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6 Responses Feb 25, 2010

You are lucky to have the natural femme features, so jealous! Would love to be friends, read more of your stories and check out the rest of your wonderful pics.<br />
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Hugs and Kisses, Jessica

You do look like a beautiful lady dear. Im sure the guys will be chasing you.<br />
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Kisses,<br />

It takes a lot of guts & soul searching to do what you are doing..... I applaud you for that. Hope you find a great guy who treats you like the real lady that you are.

I am glad that you are open with your feeling. You must be very sexy!

you look so fine from the back .Do you have any from the front?

Great story. Would love to caress you and make love to you someday. I love hermaphrodites and have been looking for one for a long time.