A Girl From A Long Time Ago

When i was 22 i worked with a very beautiful girl who was only 17. I was crazy about her and found out later that she was crazy about me but thought it was just too weird to date a high school girl after i had graduated college. Anyway, over the years i had always wondered what happened to her. Off and on through the years i tried to find her. Recently google searches but never found her. To make a long story short, a few month ago i thought about her again. I am 47 by the way. I did a Facebook search and found her, contacted her, met her, and found out that she was single but pregnant. 25 years had past and now the only girl of my past that i ever wondered what if, was right in front of me, but she was 5 months pregnant. Well, we went on a couple of dates, learned all about the past 25 years, and promptly couldn't take our hands off of each other. Now, believe me, i have never thought that being with a pregnant woman would be a turn on......but it was! To get naked with this pregnant beauty was one of the most amazing events of my life. Making love to this pregnant girl was absolutely unreal. I felt like an 18 year old barely able to hold back from blowing my load. Which be the way hasn't been a problem since i was 18, but unrelated to this story. Anyway.....it was pretty amazing. I don't know exactly why. Perhaps it was just all new to me being a single guy never having any kids of my own.

A few weeks later her doctor said there were some complications and that she should abstain from any sex. Over the next few months she became distant and eventually told me that the father decided to man up and she let him come back into the picture. I don't know why it was so special. My guess is that for me it was a little taboo, or maybe just something new. All I know is that i was riding a high then and am glad now that it didn't go any further as we really had grown into different people, but the feeling and the sex was amazing!
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No, it wasn't the taboo at all. Listen to all the men in this group. I think guys are just hard-wired to be turned on by pregnant women. How long did it take you to totally love sex with your pregnant lover? Just a few seconds, right?