Pregnant, Single And Mega Horny

I am currently 4 months pregnant.  I got pregnant through a fertility clinic as a single woman.  I wasn't interested in sex with guys (I'm Bi but tend to lean more towards women).
I have an older daughter who I concieved normally but split with her father when I was pregnant and came out as a lesbian (yes I came out as lesbian but 8 years later realised I actully do enjoy sex with men as well).  Anyway throughout that pregnancy and even a couple of years after I had no desire to do anything sexual at all.
So it has come as a complete shock to me now to find myself thinking about sex all the time.  As I said I am single so i have been relying on my vibrator and ***** to help me out and had a bit of online sex chat... but my vibrator has had such a good workout that it has now given up the ghost (died) and I am finding myself thinking more and more about how i just want to feel all my holes filled with *****.

I have started chatting to a MF couple who were looking for a bi female to join them in a 3some.  They know I am pregnant and are fine with it.  I have also chatted to a married guy who hasn't  had sex with his wife for a couple of years.  they have a young chlld and he said he loved having sex with his wife when she was pregnant so he's keen to help me out.
I'm not sure whether I should follow through with either or both of these.

The other things is that I had a gang bang several years ago which I really enjoyed and have been thinking about that alot and wanting to do it again.  I have been chatting to quite a few guys about setting something up for next weekend (probably 10 - 15 guys).  None of them know I am pregnant and I don't want to tell them.  When I am clothed you still can't really tell yet but naked I do have a bit of a pregnant belly.  To cover this I've suggested I'm a bit self conscious of my body so I'll wear a top where my breasts are still exposed but the rest of my upper body is covered.
I think it would be amazing to **** all those guys in one night (the last gang bang I had 20 guys and stil get off on the memory of it and I wasn't anything like as horny then as I am now).  But I am also a bit worried about doing this whilst pregnant.

So what do you think?

What should i do to help settle my over-riding sexual frustration?  I'm sure once bub comes I'll go back to not wanting sex... but for now?

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"What should i do to help settle my over-riding sexual frustration?"

Is this a trick question? The answer is obvious! Have sex! Lots and lots of sex! This reply comes more than a year after the story was posted. How about an update? Did you set up your gang-bang? It sounds like you needed to meet Mr. Right Now.

Sounds very hot. How late in the pregnancy can you see yourself still having sex?

U need to fulfill ur needs. Take up all the offers. U shouldn't be insecure about ur preggo body at all by the way. You are beautiful and amazingly sexy so enjoy that and allow others the pleasure of your sexiness.

hve sex as much as u desire thts all i gotta say :P

get some pics up of that beautiful tummy

So after your group thing did your drive go down a bit?

wondering , if you are not getting hurt while pregnant?

Can't wait to read your stories! I think the safety of the gb was an issue, but setting another group play up with tested partners would be awesome.<br />
<br />
I personally have no issues with preg women I think they are sexy!

Just do what comes natural for you. Sex is healthy for you from the studies I have read just as much pregnant as well as not. Lot of advantages to having sex as to not. We the people are built for it and designed to do so. Why do you think people go out looking to get laid? A natural order of life. If we didn't need it we would never pursue it. **** it~Enjoy!!!<br />
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BTW: I love pregnant sex it is the best kind!!!

Well I did a kinda gang bang this morning. I say kinda because it ended up only be 4 guys and me so not sure if that counts as a gang bang or not. I'm going to post a story about it in the gang bang group and the doiuble penetration group (as we did DP both ways - one in arse and one in ***** and 2 in the *****). I hadn't thought about urinary tract infections and fungus etc and didn't see your not until after so I hope I'm ok. We did use condoms.

wow lucky guys(:

Hi, thanks for that. There is of course still risk of disease (which can be worse than an unwanted pregnancy) but I would be using condoms with the guys (still a slight risk with the woman). I had to get tested for everything for the fertility clinic and was recently retested for the hospital booking in for child birth so know for sure that I don't have any STD's and don't want to risk that changing.<br />
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So do you think I should have the gang bang or just the other sex? And if I have the gang bang should I tell the guys beforehand that I am pregnant (some might not want to **** a pregnant woman). Guys how would you feel if you participated in a gang bang and found out later that the woman was 4 months pregnant? Would it bother you?<br />
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personally i think its hot(:

i think you should release your sexual tension and have all the fun you can have(: and beside ur prego nothing can happen more and besides i know a lot of guys who would love this.(;