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When I was 13 I got pregnant. My stepmom said "That little **** has got to go!", so my dad made me move out. At 1st I lived with my 35 yr old boyfriend, but he lived in a van and we fought all the time. So after a couple weeks I ended up staying at my best friend Penny's house. She and her dad had moved to the trashy east side of town. Now, my hormones were raging by this time, I had been ******* a lot of guys for quite a while, but I'd NEVER been this horny before! Penny had always been strangely fascinated by my sex life, asking lots of questions and making me describe everything. So she took an active role in solving my "problem".
There was an old garage behind the house with a couch in it, among other things. Penny started inviting guys over, telling them her "sister" wanted to **** them. Penny can be very crude and rude! At 1st they were neighborhood guys, maybe 18 or 20 yrs old, and Penny would let them in the garage 1 at a time. I would just be waiting on the couch, the guy would start some chitchat, and I would start unzipping hi pants and sucking him. That ended the chitchat! Guys are always surprised when they do't have to talk me into sex, even though Penny coached them and they knew they were going in to get laid!
At 1st, I would lay on my back with one leg thrown up over to back of the couch, the guy on top, cause most guys liked to see my big boobs jiggle while they ****** me. My nipples are usually very light colored, but grew darker during pregnancy, which we ALL liked! (they're back to light now). But after I started to really show, doggy was the only way! Penny had been busy recruiting playmates, and now guys wandered around the yard, smoking cigarettes and waiting their turn. I don't know where she got them all, but every afternoon a crowd would gather to service me and my insatiable *****, and Penny would keep them entertained, probably with stories about me! There could be 10 -12 guys in the yard sometimes and I don't know how many I was ******* in all.
We kept this up right up until my daughter was born. Not literally of course, but I was still ******* that last week. By then my belly was huge, and my boobs had gone from 42 to 48 inches! Penny got more cushions and arrainged them with a gap for my pregnant belly to fit in as I lay on my front side, *** in the air. That was the 1st think everybody saw when they walked in, me on my face, big pregnant belly in a nest of pillows, bare *** pointing at the door. It was too hard to get change positions to greet anyone!. That's when I graduated from **** to nympho, sprawled across the cushions, barely able to move, *** propped up in the air, begging strangers to **** me! But by then, everybody had heard of the pregnant **** in the garage. Nobody seemed to care how pregnant I was.
Well, I had a girl! My mother took her to raise her in a different state. I still lived with Penny for another year or so, and she still recruited my men for me, but the doctor said no sex for 6 weeks! Ha! I waited 3! So I continued to live with Penny for 2 years or so, our yard had become the hangout for horny guys and they continued to come over. Of course I kept ******* them all and several became pretty good friends who I still see once in a great while. Penny lost her virginity and ****** a couple too, but then found herself a boyfriend. He started inviting his friends over too! Everyone was pimping me out!
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I love to *** **** the women with their breast milk and then have them suck me clean after I *** between their huge ****. The last girl was JJ CUP. ******* amazing

I would have loved to have been able to be like you.... I role play that I am just like that

your my kinda girl, hot horny loves to f

That sounds a bit scarey, many girls would not have enjoyed being pregnant at 13 but it sounds like you did, I'm glad that it went well for you, wish I could of helped out in you time of NEED!

Many pregnant teenage girls think it will be romantic. Penny turned it into a party for me! I wasn't the most responsible girl in the world!

Absolutely exquisite! Pure pleasure!

You should have been there. Talk about pleasure! One of my fondest memories.