Pregnant And Needy

Now that I'm pregnant I swear that feeling of needing. Sex never goes away. My fiance is all about pregnant sex but unfortunately our schedules conflict and we miss out. I swear i have to tell him 50 times a day hoe much I need it and whenever we actually do... there's nothing else like it in the world!
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12 Responses May 18, 2012

Awsum, hope everuthing goes fantastic sweetheart! Pregnacy is very beautiful!


It is just the best! I love it. All the activity going on in a woman during pregnancy makes everything swollen and tighter, and the experience feels like something out of this world!

Most women I know go through a spell where they don't want sex right after they get pregnant, but then once their stomach and **** start growing they can't get enough.

I agree pregnant sex is fantastic. Irs a mix of hormones and sheer lust. For us chaps its the best time ever. Enjoy every moment. If youd like to chat give me a shout. Xx

Just hoping you're getting all you need.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you'll tell us more about the feeling you get during. BTW, how far along are you?

No need to label this as kinky, you simply have a craving! And if you love your fiance, who can blame you?

shoot, i'ld find excuses to leave work to hit that!!

A dear friend of mine was single during her pregnancy. The father bailed out. She was so attractive with her huge belly and her proud butt and her shining skin and her halo. I wish I could have told her how much I wanted to touch her and to kiss her. Yet somehow words couldn't come out of my mouth.

i had four kids with my ex and i loved having pregnant sex... it seemed like she was always more horny, and ready to get even more kinky when she was pregnant! add plz

You're a very lucky guy. My ex got all inhibited and weird about sex when she was pregnant. I was disappointed. Never figured that out....

I have always thought pregnant women are very sexy! Something about their bodies blossoming, and that pregnancy glow gets me going!