Affair With Married Pregnant Woman

2 years ago I met a beautiful mother of 1 at the grocery store. She happened to be 2 and a half months pregnant when we first met and after exchanging numbers and texting for a month, we ended up having an all day sex marathon. I must have shot my ***** into her at least 50 times over a 2 month span before we called it quits. The sex was amazing, she was so sexy with her little belly on top of her skinny body frame.

I still rub my **** until *** shoots all over my chest thinking about her.
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

There is nothing hotter then a preggers. I have told friends how much I like them and they all look at me wierd. They have a "glow" and their **** are firmer and bigger and they are just hornier. Riding the hump is the best.

I had a flexible job that allowed me to have her during the day. When I began working normal hours it became harder to get together. I gradually lost interest and she got closer to giving birth, and it just sort of stopped.

So......what did you stop?