I'm Doing It And Am Loving It.

I'm currrently 8months pregnant now and am still doing sex with my hubby on every alternate days. At first, hubby was pretty unsure to have sex with me because he was afraid it would hurt my little girl. So we checked the net to check if it's safe to have sex during pregnancy and found out it was alright and in fact, it was good to have sex during pregnancy. Hubby & I had sex first when I was 4months pregnant because the first trimester was rather bad for me. We love the first time because it was so much nicer than those we did before I got pregnant. My breast grew alot. I was a C cup and now I'm 40DD. I couldn't find any bra that would fits my breast so most of time I would go bra-less at home or sometimes, naked around the house. My nipples became so perky, my aerolas got so dark and my nipples were long, surprisingly. Hubby loves to suck and pinch my nipple during the whole session. I would always ask him for sex whenever I feel uncomfortable and he never fail to always do it with me. I'm a homemaker ever since I'm married to my hubby, I make meals for him and make sure he get to eat when he's back home. usually when I'm cooking, i go naked and just wear an apron. Hubby would sometimes come back without me realizing as I'm in the kitchen and he would always hug and carry me from the back and just kiss me all over and suckle on my breast. He said he loves me being naked around the house but would want me to put on some tight bra sometimes so my breast wouldn't sag. I don't want my boobs to sag either. :( Sometimes we would take a bubble bath together after our meal. he would always undressed me (If im wearing clothes) slowly. He bathes for me and I bathes for him. he spread the soap all around and plays with my ***** and boobs. I love how heavily pregnant I am now. We would be naked watching the tv together, me laying on top of him and him just hugging me and kissing. I love my hubby and love how sex has brought us so much loving together. we just had sex just now and now he's beside me licking my breast and ***** again. He always dote on me and i believe he loves me more than I loves him.
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Best way to have prego sex is doggie!

I would do the same for you, but as you lay in my lap I would not be able to resist rubbing, kissing, and tickling your belly. Pregnant or not, being married to such a beautiful lady, I would be willing to keep you naked and happy every day of your life!

I want to **** you

You have a very caring hubby. Not all hubby want to have sex with their wife when they are pregnant

lol I wish I could have sex with a pregnant woman. Someone that is willing and comfortable about it. I prefer her to look like you and around your age too. I dont want a 300lb woman thats 39 and cant tell if shes really pregnant or not hahaha im not trying to sound mean, just realistic.

You are a lucky wife. Most men do not know what they are missing not to have sex with their pregnant wives. I once know a pregnant lady who wanted sex whenever she feels uptight. Unfortunately her hubby would not want to have sex with her. I was so lucky to service her until near delivery time. Her hubby knew of our session but he just ignore it. After she gave birth to a babt boy, we stopped having sex and her hubby serviced her since then.