This is one of my private fetishes. Although my wife hasn't really wanted it when she was pregnant, I have never been hornier then when she was pregnant. Love the belly and ****, and would give anything to constantly **** her when she is pregnant.
So much so that I watch pregnant women everywhere and think about ******* them hard.
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4 Responses Aug 19, 2014

I know how you feel. I was really looking forward to lots of sex when my wife was pregnant. My bad luck. We had three kids and she completely shut down sexually each time. Big disappointment.

I cant wait to get pregnant. Im already so horny as it is. Ill be a complete nympho monster when I am! Cant wait :)

That's awesome...hopefully you enjoy all the pregnant sex.
I'd do it with you, for what it is worth...

If you bred another girl, would you **** her right up until her due date?

Hell yes. All the time.

Hell yeah.

Your not the only one. Sex when they are pregnant is hot. I always think of sex when o see a pregnant women. Very sexy.