She Is a Milf

My girlfriend was pregnant (by her husband) and I was concerned that pregnancy would be a time that she or I would not be interested, but it turned out to be great having sex with a pregnant woman. We enjoyed calling her a MILF, her breasts got even larger than usual, it was great!

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When a lady is pregnant, this is the most beautiful time of her life. She has inner and outer beauty. Sex us very important to her. I had sex with a pregnant lady when she complained that her hubby does not want to have sex with her just because she was pregnant. Our sex was great and my then gf knew about our sexual activities. She encourage me to help her. We had sex in front of my gf and she even lick my gf **** till she came on her face. At her seventh month, she only wanted anal and ******** on her beautiful breast which grew in size as the months increased. Her hubby was not aware of her needs till the baby was born. They became closely on the arrival of the baby and we wish them best of everything


I wanna see you naked waiting for me to cover your body in kisses

I share your view, I pregnant woman is most sexy and desirable