Australian Soap Set In A Women's Prison

Originally devised as a 16 part mini-series, PCBH eventually ran to 692 episodes over 7 years from 1979 to 1986 in Australia, where it was known simply as 'Prisoner'. It ran in the UK during the 1990s, where the title was extended to 'Prisoner Cell Block H' to avoid confusion with another series called 'The Prisoner'. It also ran in a few other countries under various titles. In the UK it went out late at night, so it missed the mainstream audience but acquired a substantial cult following.

The series was filmed at the Channel 10 studios in Nunawading, where the ouside of the studio building, with four rows of mock up windows, represented the prison. The quality of the writing, directing, acting, etc. could range anywhere  from brilliant to total crap. A lot of times actors would be recycled, appearing throughout the series as different characters. But it was addictive. Once you were hooked you were hooked.

Did you ever watch PCBH? If so, share your memories: favourite actors, characters, story lines etc. Alternatively, worst actors, characters, etc. Would you like to see it again? The whole series can be found on, all 692 episodes. As a taster, here's a bit of the first episode:

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1 Response Nov 22, 2012

I used to love it and never knew u could get it on you tube. Have to go on 2moz and have a look. Cheers luv for bringing back good memories of me and my mum!

Look for " PrisonerCellBlockH95 " channel on youtube. All 692 episodes. Gueenbea has started uploading whole episodes (as opposed to 5 parts for each episode) now but not sure how far she has got.
Also my channel " The wentworth channel " has hundreds of pieces of incidental music used in the show, some more obscure than others, but hard core fans will recognise a lot of them instantly.
Be warned - an episode a day means a 2 year commitment! But once you are hooked you are indeed hooked. ENJOY!