Advanced Programing Final

Last June I took a final in my Advanced Programing class, we had to make our own game in visual basic, so I decided to make another version of space invaders, I called it Wailord Invaders, it was like the classic space invaders, with a simple goal, the only difference was that it was the Pokemon wailord instead of an alien (my friend was obsessed with wailord so I did it to **** him off), it had a fancy title screen with a moving wailord, working high scores, and the game itself looked pretty nice, it was 22,33,44, or 55 wailords (depending on what difficulty you chose), a space background, and the ship from Galaga as your vehicle, but more or less it was the same as the regular space invaders, and personally I like my version better, who wouldn't :P
KiritoKazuto KiritoKazuto
18-21, M
Sep 17, 2012