I Want To Learn So Much.

Problem is I'm a bit stupid. People say "just do this" or "just do that" but "just" makes it sound easy.


I'm learning Visualbasic.net. I went to college to start this yet I can't even do the basic things.


I can't afford books atm, can anyone point me in the right direction: "Programming for stupid people".


I'd like to learn C++ and C# after this.


I don't want to give up though. When I was a kid I taught myself a wee bit of programming on the acorn. I need to get back that mindset somehow.

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If it helps, I learned to program in java by going to these lectures http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oM9yT9kBBc&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL6A386BB76444451B<br />
<br />
Keep it up! <br />
I am sure that you will get a lot out of learning to program :) I know, it is a different mindset and it helps you see things more methodically. I think it is key to understand that the program is not a statement of truth, but instructions that you are forcing the computer do :) Good luck!

Thanks. Difficulty with the net though is that sometimes information can be overwhelming as there are a lot of solutions to even just one thing. I love lego so I like that analogy. I shall use it.

You can do it!