The Two Books I've Bought To Understand Psychology

my nephew was doing psychology A level,AQA,so i bought his course book,that got me thinking about psychology more and i bought the second year A level book,both were written by Michael W. Eysenck and i think make a good start to study,x
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i have let my impascience show,i read book two,second year A level,and wait till it says''you will recall your first year study'',and whatever it references i go back to , and read fresh,it's just a way i have for getting to know something ,and i go back and read again,whatever is interesting to me at the time,there's such a mine of knowledge ,first year book also had Cardwell,Clark and Meldrum as authors ,i find the fish oil extracts i have been recently prescribed ,the DHA and EHA,with tocopherols ,it seems like some kind of brain fuel,giving you a new thirst for knowledge,and improved retention ,feel free to try it it's called maxepa by chemists but is freely available through seven seas at any good health food shop