The Three Stooges....

I thought the Three Stooges were a good study in basic human social psychology.
Authority disciplines, whips and spanks.
Obedience dutifully obeys authority.
Rebellion tests new waters, resisting authority's tried and true conservative agenda.

The Human Wolf Pack

I think the rebel, Curly is the most interesting, and the inventor of new ideas, and perhaps even civilization itself?

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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I invented this from scratch, another half baked theory of mine.<br />
But Ive read about transactional analysis.<br />
Reality is so ugly that we cant really talk about it in any direct sort of way.<br />
So Im going to keep my mouth shut, and my eyes upon the road, wheel, monitor, keyboard....!?

I can't help it. Since it is in this group, I think of the superego, the ego, and the id. Maybe transactional analysis is a better model.<br />
<br />
But whatever you call it, you need all three.

"soyytenly"....! wup, wupp, hac, hac! excuse me!!!

Curly...inventor of civilization. I love it!<br />
*nuk nuk*