Being Hairy

From being a young woman I shaved, my legs, my underarm, even my arms at one point, but inside my knickers I tended to leave just a little for my own pleasure.  I hated to look down and be totally shaven, it reminded me of prepubity. 

Eventually I wondered why I was shaving at all, it was for other people, not for myself, so I stopped.  I now have hairy underarm and fully hairy down below and I love it and wouldn't change it for anybody!

angelinadee angelinadee
26-30, F
17 Responses Jul 30, 2010

The way a woman should be: hairy! Would love to see.

can u add me

Fantastic, good on you

I'm 100% with you majority of girls now and days shave only cause they care what other people think . Don't ever shave again you look sexy just the way you are.

I've always preferred woman to have a pubic bush, in fact the more she has the more I adore.

Wow I have fallen in love with you.

OMG, I wish you lived near me so that I might catch a glimpse of you about town...HAIRY WOMEN ROCK

would love to see that hairy *****

Never change, NEVER SHAVE

So sexy :)

You are very beautiful that way I wish more women would stop shaving and be hairy like you.

i can not get enought of big hairy *******, and love to lick and **** hairy arm pits too, mmmmm, getting hard thinking of it

I'm glad you've stopped shaving your *****. I know I appreciate it and also I'm sure a lot more men appreciate that also. I agree with robbrady, we really want to see a real woman not a pre-pubertial teen.

What a wonderful image - I just love an au natural woman!

That is great to know. I love a woman au natural with hairy bush and pits!

As we American men are, am not use to hairy armpits on a woman but sure love a bush in her panties?

Bless you, that is how it is supposed to be. Do you like your men that way also? A hairy female is beautiful and grown up, I dont want to have a preteen girl, I want a woman

I also applaud your decision to have a thick pubic bush....all the better!!