My Wife's Bush

I'm a younger guy (early 30s) and I am obsessed with full, natural bushes. When I first met my wife, she shaved/trimmed most of her bush. After a couple years of dating I casually mentioned that she should grow it out and thankfully, she did. For the past seven years she has sported one of the biggest, bushiest hairy ******* I have ever seen. I can't get enough of her bush. It's a thick, dark, hairy triangle, and I absolutely adore it. My wife enjoys it too (especially the low-maintenance aspect of it), however, I know she finds it a little awkward on the rare occassions that she is naked around her friends (changing rooms, etc.). She occassionally has to shave the top inch or two so it won't peek over the top of her bikini bottoms, but most of the time, she's completely natural. When we're hanging out around the house, all she has to do is flash me her hairy bush and I'm rearing to go.
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My wife is the same way. She shaved it before we met many years ago, but did not like it. Since we have been married many years she has never shaved it. She and I both like it that way. There is nothing like reaching down and getting a handful of that thick ****. It's exciting to play with it and find her treasure with my hand, nose, or mouth. I encouraged my first wife to let hers grow full. One time when we were on the Gulf coast, she was wearing a black bathing suit that was cut kind of high on the sides. Her bush was coming out both sides of the bathing suit. We stopped at a convenience store to pick up some things. I encouraged her to go into the store with just her bathing suit to make the purchases. She said, "Well, my bush will show." I said, "Great! Whoever sees it will love it!" She did. I loved it.

I LOVE hairy vaginas! My wife stopped shaving after meeting me because she saw how turned on i get, thing is she cant feel nothing during sex n i ********* way too early so i cant satisfy her, she beds other men now for sexual satisfaction n reminds me everyday how crap i am!

My 32 year old wife sports a lovely full dark bush as well. I find it so incredibly sexy. Like your wife, she is proud of it but doesn't like to let it leak out the sides of her bikini bottoms in public.<br />
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I wasn't really that into bush when we first met, but ever since then it's my preferred grooming style and all I can think about. All my **** must feature hairy ***** girls. :)

Bush is beautiful! I especially love seeing dark ***** hair through sheer panties before they come off. The contrast is great. I also like it on the beach when I see a woman w/ a harry ***** and a bikini bottom that just a tad to brief to cover all her bush.

I am 18 and I love a hairy bush my ex of 3 year was all natural never shaved any thang before .she said she like it bcause she didn't have to miss with it. But she is a cheerleader and she says she is the only one with a bush. But she says she don't care

I really love female pubic hair. My ex was lovely. She had short blonde hair on her head but very dark brown pubes. Although she trimmed it a little to tidy it, it was almost natural. A lovely triangle leading down and right round underneath to her bum. Mossy's wife's one sounds perfect. I love discussing them in detail so if anyone would like to do so then please contact me

mossycleft my wife is exactly the same. She is 7 months pregnant and her bush is hairier than ever just like she was during her first pregnancy. I love it (I just wish I got to take advantage of it....she is not one of those "horny" pregnant wifes that I read about).

It's interesting because now my wife is pregnant and her bush is even hairier than normal. Apparently it has something to do with the hormones during pregnancy. This is her second pregnancy, so I know from the last pregnancy that, unfortunately, her bush will thin out a bit after she has the baby, but right now, it's incredibly thick and full. I love it!

I share your love of bush as well and I also managed to get my wife to stop trimming or shaving in her late 20s/early 30s. She is 36 now and like your wife has an incredibly hairy and fully covered blonde bush!

I LOVE a hairy lady. Nothing sexier. Lucky guy.