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Full Bush Skinny Dipping

I don't know so much if it's the pubic hair I like, but rather the change it brings to the entire area.
My wife is ,mid 20's and so like most girls that age, has admitted to being fully shaven since early in high school. She keeps it shaven most of the time, though sometimes lets loose and lets it go.

Now in the past we have been naked in front of friends, either from random skinny dipping, ***** poker, or other drinking games that we would find way to lead to exposure, however each time she had been fully shaven. I remember one time however I had talked her into growing it out (for the change of look aspect) She did for about 2 weeks till she was pretty bushy. We were invited to a friends house for a bbq one afternoon that summer with several friends of hers and by night ended up being one of a small handful of couples left. There had to be 8 of us because I remember playing '*****' flip cup. (a drinking game with stripping rules) Basically the winning team for a round could either pick someone on the other team to remove an item of clothing, or pick someone on their own team to put back on an item of clothing. After 20 minutes of nothing but one pair of exposed breasts, and only temporarily, we decided that losing team had to jump in the pool naked in a best of 7 games from that point on.

Well my wife was on the losing team ******** off and jumped in without anyone really noticing anything. When they started to get out however, her best friend, who also was standing there completely naked, and fully shaven i might add immediately starts yelling, "oh my god, look at your bush!" Being very drunk, and less embarrassed, she actually jokingly embraced it. She definately had full attention on herself as she tried to proclaim that that was how 'he' wanted it. (about me) It was funny because of that team it was 3 girls and 1 guy, fully naked and both of the other girls fully shaven, yet full attention on my wife's bush. The other guys started to complement her on it, i think to try to make her feel less awkward, however im not even sure she was sober enough to feel awkward. It was definately a thrill seeing that much attention on her though.

Unfortunately she shaved it the next day.

Im not upset though, she'll grow it out from time to time.
onewaystreet5 onewaystreet5 26-30, M 18 Responses Sep 29, 2010

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A natural woman is best. I like the mature nature of it. It also adds mystery to the situation. there are so many shaved ones these days, and some just growing back, it is hard to know what a full bush, unshaved, looks like anymore in many cases. Let it grow. I love the thick tuft that grows so full at the very apex of the slit.

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I like it shaven personally, but if other people are going to see her naked, I think she needs to show what nature gave her, so when she gets 'lazy' and lets it go for awhile, I work my hardest to force some nudity

I totally agree!

I wish all women wouldn't feel the need to shave their hair off. It is a complete turn off for me. I prefer a nice soft hairy bush than 120 grit sandpaper rubbing on my face.

Awesome story. My wife has had a few similar experiences, though no one has ever made a big deal out of it like that. She never shaves and I know it makes her a little uncomfortable on the rare occassions when she's naked with others. A couple of summers ago we had some friends with a hot tub, and on at least three or four drunken Saturday nights, people ended up naked in the hot tub, my wife included. There were usually various stages of hairiness, but most of the girls I caught glimpses of were either completely or mostly shaved. But then, there was my wife, with her big, dark hairy triangle in all its glory! Despite the peer pressure to shave, my wife has never given in. She knows I absolutely love it, and she prefers it too. She grew up in the 80s and she and her girl friends used to regularly check out her dad's Playboy stash in the ba<x>sement, and all the ladies then, of course, had nice, full bushes. She told me her mom used to also casually take baths with the door often when my wife was young, and my wife was always impressed and jealous of her mom's huge, hairy bush. When my wife finally was old enough to grow pubic hair, she was proud of her bush. She saw her full bush as a sign of her womanhood and femininity. She bowed to peer pressure early in her college years and shaved regularly for a couple of years. But when I started dating her and she learned I prefered a full bush, she was eager and ready to go back to the full hairy triangle that she felt best suited her bush.

I'm glad to read that there are men out there that love to eat a hairy *****. I knew letting mine grow was an excellent choice.

I have to say my wife and I went through the "shaving phase" in our early to mid twenties when we first started swinging, but gradually we started playing with older couples/men who preferred my wife to have a full bush. At first I was put off by it, but after the first time I liked her hairy ***** clean after ******* her (or her lover ******* her) I was hooked.

Nothing better in this world than a thick hairy ****! shaved ***** just turns me right off. but this is my position.

Having a thick pubic bush is a throwback to days of old when a p***y looked like one.<br />
<br />
Some of the shaven ones that i have seen would look so much better with hair than without!<br />
<br />
Pubic hair makes a p***y look sophisticated!!

It's a shame she shaved the next day. I don't feel a bit embarrassed when I expose my (growing in) bush when I'm in the locker room at the gym. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Having a bush is beautiful.

I agree - it's utterly bizarre for women to totally shave their bush. For me it's all part of their femininity to have a proper beaver!

I never understood American's obsession with a bare pubic region. In most other countries, it's shunned upon to have a bare region.<br />
<br />
Also, why are women criticized for having a bush?<br />
<br />
For me personally, I like women to have hair. To each their own of course.

I agree, it kinda just brings more attention to the area. Its the contrast of hair against skin. Pubes or no pubes that is the question, and quite frankly I don't give a damn.