A Hairy Girl

I have a really hairy ***** and I have to shave my legs every day and I need to shave under my arms every day but I don't. It used to bother me that I had ***** hair sticking out from my shorts and having dark hair up to my navel but it's kind of fun really. At least it's not on my face. I know some guys don't like to eat hairy ***** and I have shaved for some of the guys I've ****** but for me, I like it natural and not even trimmed. I figure that if a guy wants a woman with a shaved ***** I'll send him next door to see my Aunt Rachel. She shaves it all and she likes to **** as much as I do.
jennigurl91 jennigurl91
22-25, F
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Put me on the list please

I would love it if you never shaved again.

I have a huge, long, thick bush and I love it! The hair in my bush is about 7 inches long and so thick it can be hard to get to my ****.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I haven't even thought about shaving or trimming in a while. And I haven't shaved my pits in a while either.

How long are your pubes jenni?

Theres no reason to shave your bush :) girls look so better that way

have you ever shaved your bush?

can you see it peeking out from your panties? women who don't shave are EXTREMELY sexy !!!!

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nice, do you still have a hairy *****?

Right now it is. I groom it in the spring and summer and I've shaved it but it's a ***** to shave.

why is it a ***** to shave? have you ever waxed it?

It's so much and it's a little coarse. Never waxed.

I really LOVE a sweet naturally hairy ***** it is so great, I enjoy eating ***** the hairier the better.

Oops thinking about it lol

Invite her over and we could all have some fun;) the *** shot would definitely be in or or your hairy ***** ;) I jist got worked up thinling about it!can we be friends?

Agreed. So much sexier, visually kinkier, it smells better (I think shaved ******* smell kinda bitter and rank compared to a trimmed or unshaved one).

I really love a natural woman that is not ashamed to be hairy and I love eating a hairy *****. I do not want a ***** that looks like a 10 year old girl.

I've seen your beautiful bush picture and I wish there were more women like you that are proud of their natural bushes. Yours is exceptional.

I love a hairy *****, and to eat it!

Me too Griz, sure would love to see that bush and be friends with Jenni

I love women with a full bush! You are my kind of woman. :-D

I love REALLY LOVE a woman with a hairy ***** and I REALLY LOVE EATING A HAIRY *****.


I had a sorority sister whose bush was so dark and thick that she couldn't wear white or pastel bathing suits because it would show through when wet (From the water, I thought I better clear that up for the horny men).


Hairy girls are SERIOUSLY sexy! Do you have unshaved armpits too?

Right now there's about a weeks growth under my arms. I shave under my arms if I wear something sleeveless.

Great story! It's refreshing to see a girl your age not conforming to what everybody else thinks.

I love nothing more than a lovely natural pusssy.