I don't shave off my public hair because I want to look like an adult woman, not a little girl.

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how mature women look like

There is no reason why you should slavishly follow a fashion you don't like.

Good for you. We lost something in terms of women's sexuality when we decided that a primary sexual attribute (pubic hair) was suddenly taboo. I miss the 70's and 80's

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Its ok.but its nice experience if it gets shaved by someone.u really enjoy

I like u dear.
I have a quesion .
Were you asked to shave by ur bf ?

I have never been asked to shave by anyone I was particularly close to. Just random strangers who think it's acceptable to ask for something like that.

Hope you told them not only no, but Hell No.

Here, Here! I wish more women thought like you. I'm a guy who loves women in their pubic regions in their natural state. And I want to be with a woman who, as you so appropriately put it, looks like an adult woman.

Ah i wish most women these days felt the same way as you do. Cheers for you not shaving let your glorious bush grow.

I agree with you!

You are a BIG girl, a shaven ***** will not make you like a small girl.. Come on REI, you may like them otherwise not that they make you look mature.. That is kiddish to say the least..

Thank you for not shaving below your waistline.....the thicker the bush....the better!!

thank you. i love a woman with hair down below.

I agree, SaratogaGirl; I've not had a woman with a full bush for years now and it's a real shame as it's the most natural thing and I adore a woman who doesn't feel the necessity to shave every time something natural grows around her bikini line!

YES!!! Pubic hair is what makes women into women and not little girls. It's very sexy and feminine and the more hair, the better!

I love that "hairy triangle of mystery"!!!

I couldn't agree more with the original poster

@iRant<br />
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To each their own brother. I think most people use the little girl argument because we (those of us who like natural women) often get ridiculed by the masses who like shaved/wax women.<br />
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So it's often our counter punch to those who like to criticize us. Don't take offense we like our styles of women and we'll have to agree to disagree on the topic.<br />
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Hope that helps.

The whole thing of looking like a little girl is nonsensical. Most women shave their armpits and legs. And some even have trouble with facial hair that they remove. Do you think that makes them look like little girls? I don't like the implication that someone liking a clean-shaven vagina means they like little girls. It's almost like me stating that because you like a hairy vagina you'd love getting it on with a chimpanzee. They have lots of hair!<br />
<br />
I like it, on ADULT women, because it makes performing oral sex more pleasant for me, and I like the full visual effect of seeing a vagina without anything getting in the way.

You have the right idea keep it up and try and educate some more women to think the same I personally don't want to see some one who looks 10 - 11 years old with her clothe's off.

i love hairy women, have never been with one that did not have lots

That's what I'm talkin about! Love that bush, so nice to lay your face on. And, wants a little bald girl anyway, give me a woman,,,,,,,oh yeah, I already have one. Never mind

This is EXACTLY RIGHT from SaratogaGirl.Back in the 1980s when Playboy and Penthouse both featured busty fullfigured females before that spa treatment called the Brazilian waxing became popular.Very few guys actually knew what was underneath all that thick gorgeous hair.The sexual heat is incredible and during a hot humid day when her moistness and sweat mixes is a sexual appetizer especially through sheer pantyhose.

Any suggestions.......

Let it grow. The more, the better

I am a male and i love a woman with a thick bush, i comb and brush my own pubic area and would like my pubic area to be thicker than what it is.

Guess I'm in the minority of guys who get waxed; I'm completely str8. I started by getting my back done (not much hair to start with; just a little on shoulders and lower back). Then moved to ***, crack, and testicles for hygene and so it doesn't pull as much when I run. To maintain the 'real man' look, I keep everything above my **** natural.

Everyone has their own taste. I accept pubic hair because that is the choice of the person, but my preference, if I get to choose, it to have them be smooth, so lovely!

I see the main trend today is bald *****, but for my two cents, I love ***** hair. The more the better. I don't mind hair in my teeth or swallowing an odd one even. Just the look is sexy, it does help hold the odour of the woman's sex, which is wonderful and musky or even a little fishy. I really don't even like looking at pics of women that are bald. Most will also disagree with me but I like to see some hair sticking out of a bikini and panties. I'm the kind of guy who loves panty lines on women and most want to hide that too. A woman's sex is good just the way it is!!!

On another note, maturity has nothing to do with your physical look, you may look young or old, but looking mature is in your demeanor, your personality and your carriage (no, not the horse drawn type). You express it to others when meeting them and you convey it n photos through your eyes. So to be mature, you can be really hairy or completely smooth, but you must project it more than anything. And hadakarei which started this thread, you project maturity in your photos, in your stories and in your comments. Regardless of shaven or not, there is no doubt as to your wisdom and maturity!

I let a guy shave me once, and it was horrible when it started growing back...itchy, itchy, itchy!<br />
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I keep myself neat, I give myself haircuts and shave around the bikini area. I don't like a full bush, but I don't like too little hair either.

I love a woman that has plenty of pubic hair. The shaved look isn't as appealing as seeing a full bush of hair. When I am ready to ***, I love to pull out and shoot my load into my wifes pubic hair. I love to help her clean up by licking my *** out of it and swallowing every drop. So yummy.......

As I remember from the distant pass, there seemed to be many amateurs out there!

BTW, I am smooth myself, no hair on my body below my eyebrows!

I love the smooth look and it makes a woman look like a woman not a little girl. As for having to smooth on the male side, I am and I appreciate the smooth skin on skin contact and all the other wonderful benefits that accrue in intimate situations. I like the smooth look for the clean lines and as a nudist, it represents one more la<x>yer to shed to show your true self.<br />
Nothing wrong with having hair, but given a choice, I always choose smooth. Patches are okay, but I still prefer smooth. Have fun and be nude!

I was just trying to imagine what I would look like without it and I have got to say that the mixed image of my adult breasts and hips combined with the child-like look of no pubic hair really icked me out.... just not right.

Thank you, Hadakarei, thank you, Saratoga (and as a redhead myself, I honor and I'm sure would admire your "patch" no matter how full it is, as long as it's there). The pubic triangle is so much a part of the beautiful lines of the female form, that this epidemic of shaving makes me sad. But, I guess, to each his/her own. I, for one, love the look of it and the feel of it. Glad I'm in good company.

Hey irant... no personal attack was meant and I didn't think I actually made one. I get no satisfaction out of that kind of behavior anyway. My comment was no more out of line than your "5 minutes of flossing and spitting" exaggeration was anyway.<br />
<br />
I know the articles you talk about and they all have common elements... believe me, there are certain NO's that apply and certain YEs's that apply... and they are about as universal as any human laws can be.<br />
<br />
Personally I would have to disagree with you about modern washing removing the role of pubic hair in carrying our aroma... if anything, I think it may add to its importance... since so much of it is already washed away.<br />
<br />
But hey... as I said... no offense was meant on my part! My comments have been made with a smile. How could I not smile when talking about this topic? I'm "down with it" (punning intended!) on both sides of the equation!

Sorry, got a little caught up there. Meant to answer SG's other point. Yes, some believe that pubic hair was meant to trap and prolong the odor which may have acted as an aphrodisiac at some point in our primitive past. That's not really valid in the modern day, at least in the Western world, where we tend to bathe every day and so wash those odors away. We even tend to bathe more often when dating so it makes it even less valid. <br />
<br />
Again, what it really is is a personal preference. Nobody is going to change anyone's mind in such a case.

No, I'm not touchy. Not a big fan of personal attacks, though. But I've been around the internet long enough to realize some folks get a thrill out of trying to touch nerves. They forget that social skills should also be applied to internet interactions because there are actual live people behind the words. But I'm thick skinned and better to attack me than someone younger and fragile, so keep 'em coming if you get some sense of satisfaction from it. I'm sorry, but please don't expect me to respond in kind if you require that for your sense of satisfaction.<br />
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I am sorry you think there is one "right way" to perform oral on a woman. Even a particular woman may not like it exactly the same way every time. If you'd like I can send you links to some articles on oral sex, a great many of them written by lesbians, that explain things in more detail.<br />
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hadakarei: I completely understand the practical aspects of not wanting to shave, especially if you have sensitive skin. Again, I was just stating a personal preference. If everybody liked the same thing I'd be quite bored, and we wouldn't even be having this discussion in the first place.

Ooooo... irant is touchy! <br />
<br />
Sorry to tell you this, but any woman will tell you that there IS a "right way" to perform orally! And if a few pubes get involved, that IS part of the performance. <br />
<br />
Pubic hair is actually an important part of the eroticism of all women... the hairs catch and disperse our aroma. To want them gone is to diminish the experience.

Ha, ha... right! All men who like shaved women should have to get Brazilian Waxed before they can have a woman go down on them!!!! <br />
<br />
Love it!

Okay, here's another reason. I've tried it a few times, and no matter what I do, no matter which creams, lotions, whatever I use, two days later, it itches like hell. A few days smooth are not worth all that discomfort.

try wax, no itch, no stubble

First of all, there's no "right" way. Each person is an individual and likes different things. Oh, there's certainly a "focus" area and method associated with that area that usually doesn't involve hair, but as I said it's not the ONLY area that's sensitive. And exaggerating for effect is a common practice so please don't be so literal.<br />
<br />
And ToCiC, I would indeed shave if that was a desire of my SO. In general I do groom myself and shave some areas so that she doesn't have to deal with the "hairball effect". LOL. <br />
<br />
Also, in general, I don't expect this to be an everyday thing. I don't think it's practical for most people to keep clean-shaven pubic areas. Women have enough on their plate in the shaving area as it is. I was just stating my ideal.

I thought you sounded good

God lord, irant... if you have to spend "5 minutes spitting pubes out and flossing.... etc." than YOU AREN'T DOING IT RIGHT! And I can say that as a woman who has been on both sides of the cunning linguist question! You, sir, are an amateur.

I'm going to be the dissenting voice here, and I'm even in an "older" generation, I *LOVE* the clean-shaven/waxed look on a woman. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with looking like a little girl. Pubic hair, to me, doesn't define a woman as a woman. No, for me it's about a few things. One I like to have a clear field of view for all the lovely naughty bits. I just love the look of the ADULT female vagina. Two, I'm a big fan of oral sex, and when I'm done, or more appropriately she's done, if I have to spend 5 minutes spitting pubes out and flossing to get them out from between my teeth, or hacking like a cat with a furball to get one outta my throat it can sorta kill the moment. Three, the smooth skin with all the lubrication around the area, without hair soaking up said lubrication, makes it easier for me to move around more freely with my mouth in that general area. After all, the clitoris isn't the only sensitive bit down there on most women.

Definitely! When I think clean shaven I think statutory rape. Stay natural, but not too natural.

Speaking for us 'earlier generation' guys, thank you..and you are right, its like every woman wants to look like a 12 year old!

Totally with you on this one! I just do NOT get that full shaven look! Not at all! Ok, I trim and wax around my bikini in the summer... but that still leaves a nice full patch of hair right where it is supposed to be! Well, I am a red-head, so it's not THAT full a patch, but you know what I mean!