No Future For You,except For Myself,my Beautiful Self! Sex Pistols

 1979/80 I swore I'd be dead by 21,Die young,stay pretty-Blondie,twice that Age now.I don't believe in Anarchy+Chaos,I believe/wish there was Anarchy+Peace.Latley I feel Im more Taoist.Memories though.Those days.......................Wild+free from comitment,responsibility:)

leighmarie leighmarie
41-45, F
1 Response Apr 14, 2010

yes+eating healthy+telling our children all the good advice we want them to grasp.......Oh well,was fun being a misfit,problem is----still am(my daughter makes me hide if we are at the shops+any of her friends go by)---ha ha,her friends like me though,guess they can't see (Thankgod),what a naughty girl I use to be.Bloody housework,Never ending!! :)