Purple Fever

I do too, always have. It's a wonderful color. However, when I think of purple right now I get the feeling of....I don't know...fake?

Sounds crazy, right? I know! lol.

I think the problem is, when I watched Twilight after it first came out and they showed her and her dad talking about the purple comforter and whatnot I KNEW it would happen. I thought to myself, 'oh yay, now the insane twilight fever will generate a whole new trend over purple' Sure enough, I started seeing magazines promoting purple shoes, purses, nail polish...everything purple! Then, purple was everywhere, and still is. Usually, when you would look through the shirts in stores, purple wasn't typically one of your main choices. Sometimes you would be lucky to find a pretty shade. Now, it's EVERYWHERE!!!! It's like purple fever has taken over. haha. Right now, almost everyone claims that purple is their favorite color...and I don't think they even realize that they're just following the trends that our culture is shoving down their throats. haha. I'm not irritated with any of these people...not even with the purple fever. I just feel like the fake purple train is chugging full steam ahead right now and I'll be happy when people start going back to normal. haha.
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I know! What's up with that!! Once I break one I usually clip them all off to save myself the disappointment each time one breaks:P lol.<br />
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I'm a sucker for pink and yellow. They're my faves...oh, and blue, of course!

agreed...my fingernails get too chipped and break too much for them to look pretty...even tho my nails DO get pretty long sometimes...but when one breaks, it's like they all do shortly after that lol<br />
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i love the lime green/bright blue combo...well...i just like bright colors in general, but that's one of my faves lol

My toenails are usually hot pink, maroon-ish red, or this really pretty light brown that I'm amazed I haven't run out of yet....it's like it keeps refilling itself. I had it forever! lol. I rarely ever paint my fingernails either! By the time I do the dishes the polish is chipped! <br />
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I still kind of like the lime green too. My sister-n-law actually just painted her bedroom lime green! It actually looks awesome!!!

my toenails are almost always purple lol or a maroon-ish red...sometimes blue lol but i rarely paint my finger nails. purple just...idk just something about that color that attracts me to it i suppose lol orange too...and yes, i was a lime green fan when it was cool...and i still kinda like it today even lol

Orange huh? haha. I say go crazy with the purple fever! You're right, you can get anything in purple right now!!! I saw some amazing sparkly purple nail polish at Walgreens the other day...I think I may have to get it, even though I would typically avoid purple on my nails:P

crap. now i have to choose a new favorite color :( i've been loving purple for a while...the dark, royal purple...not that lilac/lavender crap lol i can definitely see it as a fad now that you mention it...but at least that means the things i want are in my fave color now...and everyone else can have them too :( lol but hey, i like orange too, so....

haha. I guess I just notice it so much because I used to look at a bunch of magazines while I was on my breaks at my old job. It's really weird because these magazines start saying that this color is all the rave of the season, then before you know it it really is everywhere! I want to know WHO has this kind of influence to make a color a trend! It's insane. Kind of neat though...

haha, I'm sorry! Don't worry, it will phase out. It always does. I'm just glad lime green didn't last too long:P haha. I can't believe all this talk about colors! hahaha. It really is pretty interesting how a simple color can become a trend all in itself though, isn't it?

I didn't know Bella liked Purple. Thank you Twilight for ruining everything you touch :D<br />
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I think I might end up hating my favourite colour. Thanks for sharing xD

lol, am I the only one noticing this?! haha. Yes, purple is THE color right now. The new black:P hahaha. Start paying attention to commercials...EVERYTHING is purple right now! lol

Yeah, I don't believe it was mentioned in the book at all. The first movie was so different from the book, it was depressing. I have a fond respect for the movie though. lol.<br />
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And you're right, there is purple EVERYTHING now! hahaha. It's kind of exciting, no matter which aisle you walk down it's an option! Purple dishes, curtains, clothes, nail polish, shoes....speaking of which, I found some amaaazing velvety purple heels the other day! haha. So yeah, yay!

They talked about something like that in the movie? Strange. There wasn't any purple comforters in the books... or at least none that I remember. 0.o <br />
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I would take that as commercial trick, but who would want to advertise a colour? I don't get it!<br />
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But good for you, isn't it? Now you can find lots of pretty, purple things. :P