Shift Gears

The guy I was dating often stayed at my place; I rented a side of a duplex. The gear shift in his car was in the center between the two car seats. It had a thick shaft with a ball at the end where the button was. I never told him, but I often wondered if I could straddle it and ride it up and down. In the park position it was straight up and down. One late night when he slept I went outside with a little lube which I slowly rubbed inside me and around my ***** lips. I slowly slid one leg on the driver's side and then on the passenger side and lowered myself on the the shifter. Little uncomfortable at first, but I started to ride up and down on it until I could not stop. I pulled my shirt and bra off and started to pinch my nipples and grab at my own breasts. I moaned and groaned as I loved the feeling of the ball end up inside my tight *****. I was out there for a good 30 to 40 minutes until I accidentally shifted it and almost drifted into the fence that surrounded the property because the emergency back was off. I hurried up and cleaned the shift as best as I could.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

good to hear your now having safe sex and using the brake LOL, good fun you enjoy it..

that happened to me a long time ago. i had a GF that LOVED the shifter knob buried to the hilt, and i do mean, BURIED. she used it so many times that the shift pattern was washed off from her juices.
i say, "have at it."
next time make sure that the parking brake is on, K?