Your Lives....

"Drink in all your lives. Use the moments as an opportunity to evolve. Each breath a gift. Each deed a significant moment to who you are and who you are to become."

From: Amos in "Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife
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I'd love to remember my past life. But not lucky enough.

i love d it too trw!

“My feeling is that until the number of whole lives is greater than the number of shattered lives, we remain stuck in some kind of prehistory. History as a story worth telling will only begin when the whole lives outnumber the wasted ones.” “Until then we are still only some kind of gibbering monkey, and humanity, as we usually like to think of it, does not yet exist.”<br />
- Ibrahim, husband of Kang<br />
- from The Years of Rice and Salt, Kim Stanley Robinson

I subscribe to a spirit medium's newsletter. That's where I found it. I can remember 3 past lives so far.

OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT! ;-)