6 Rabbits

I used to have 7 rabbits but one died from a kidney infection after he came out from being castrated at the vet. I wish i never had him castrated.
he was a lovely bunny i loved him with all of my heart.

i now have 6 two lion heads 1 dawrf 1 albino and two lops.

we have built runs for them and i brought a two story run and they go out side all day and at night they come in doors with us 4 of them are house bunnys the others live in two story hutches in the garage where mr fox cant get to them.

there are a lot of foxes around here. misty the lop he is very adventurous he likes to explore and jump up on things. when he was little he used to jump up on the table and one day my dad was asleep there and misty he jumped up and hopped on to my dad and nudged his hand to wake him up.

another time he jumped up in to the un used fire place and jumped up on to the ledge my dad put his head up there and saw two eyes looking down at him. My dad got him down and we have since sealed the fire place by blocking it up.

he and poppy "his lady friend doe" both live together and are sad if theya re apart so we let them sleep and live together.both have been seen to.
skimpy he is a happy go lucky bunny nothing ever gets him down and he is like me we always find something to do and keep ourselves amused.

fluffy our other lion head he is the youngest and skimpy is his uncle "well i like to call him uncle skimp" because to me he is a uncle to fluffy and they both keep other company in the run outside.

then there is happy feet "lexy" i call him happy feet because he is always happy to see you and he projects a lot of love and happiness no matter what mood your in he comes up to you and he looks are you and jumps on you and wants a cuddle and your heart just melts what ever you where feeling you forget about and you just feel happy/love.

little snuggles the dwarf he has been through the wars he had a infection where he caught his testicle after he was newtered /castrated or what ever its called " the snip?"

and he had to have another operation to remove the infection he had to have anti biotics and we had to bathe him with salt water for a few days like the vet said.

he got over that and then he got myxomatosis but luckily since all our rabbits are vacinated against it he just got the mild form and he had a black spot on his nose and part of it scabbed over and came off but it has healed nicely now.

but he loves people more them the company of other bunnys you see him and he looks so lonely and fedup outside but as soon as you pick him up and bring him indoors on the sofa for a cuddle he perks up and looks happy he has a little wander around and nudges your hand if he wants a cuddle
some times he sits here with us and watches tv.

other times we talk them for walks "but its more like they take us for a walk" because walking a rabbit is not like walking a dog where the dog will go where you do. with rabbits you go where they go Hehe.

i love rabbits.
sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
Jul 25, 2010