Thank You Dr. Maddow :)

I adore Rachel Maddow. Intelligent, witty, sexy...not to mention an awesome bartender. :) Anyway, this weekend kinda sucked, but last night I had a dream that Rachel was my political science professor. Not really a sexual dream, but still cheered me up bunches. What I wouldn't do to simply be a student in this imaginary class! To pine over a professor again. :D

Thank you for the dream you gave me without even knowing it. ^_^
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

sign me up for that class. Though I have to admit I have never swooned for any of my teachers ever. LOL still the class WOULD ROCK!!!!

Oooo, I know...squeeeee!!!! :D

Kewl dream..she IS cute,,,and smart!!!