She Is Awesome

I love this chick. I catch her show on MSNBC anytime I can. She is super smart and her show is entertaining. She has a way of inserting a little wit into her program, making it fun to watch.

autimom autimom
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She's all that and a bag of chips! Not to mention that she's a lesbian who's been with her partner Susan forever. <br />
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My wife and I love her, we were so happy when she got her own show. We also are Countdown regulars, and we would always be excited when Keith would bring her on to discuss a story. That's because we knew her and listened to her way back when she was doing her radio show "Unfiltered". We got to know and love her on that radio show way back when we first moved to Seattle and they had an AM station. <br />
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If you don't get an Air America station on your local AM range, you can get it on xm for like $12/month or something.

Autimom -- She seems more real than other people on TV. She's a lot like people I know in the real world who don't happen to be on TV.

Her show is great. I love to listen to her talk, and 99% of the time I agree with her.

I don't do cable, but I do the Internet, and her amazing commentaries are all over the Internet. She is very smart, funny, and insightful. I can't believe someone like her is actually on TV.

She is sooo smart. She never gets nasty, either. It is a nice change of pace for political shows. I like Keith Olbermann, but I have thought he was going to have a stroke several times during the election.