Let's Dance

I love to dance in the rain.  Some people say that they like to weather the storm and wait for a better day, but I had rather dance my way through the rain and choose to love it as well.  Aren't the rains sent from the same source as the sun?

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13 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I was out dancing in it. I loved it.

It is the best smell isnt it?

I love to run around in the rain as long as it isn't lightening I love how it smells after it rains

Cool sounds like a plan.

I think it would be awesome.

you are nice to offer though.

LOL this was a spiritual moment for me Floyd

Geez your weak on sciences clouds hide sun!

Now that is a beautiful thought.

I like to be in the rain too, not necessarily dancing (although this has been done), but I like to sit and contemplate the world from under an umbrella.

LOL flour.<br />
<br />
I love the sound, the feel, the smell, and the power of the rain. MMMMM

yay! i love rain.. i love to feel raindrops falling on my face.. I use to miss my bus to school only to be longer outside when it's raining. :) <br />
Isn't that sound amazing? and air during and after a storm?

i love the scent of rain but have never dance in it. well call you rain dancer. sounds like an indian name!