Like the Smell and the Feel

of the rain.  When the storm comes in and then how the rain cleanse the air.

In the mountains where I grew up the smell of the fresh mountain air is something that is unique and the smell of the grass, trees.

Down in TX is a little different because it can rain so much that the smell is not the same and have seen the rain come across the field in a gray curtain just watching it move across, then having the temp drop dramatically and can watch the grass in my front yard go under the amount of water.

It is still great to watch the storm come in however.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

The only time I don't like being in the rain is when I have to go out in it then come in the air conditioned building. Did that one time and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia for a week.

awsome. i always thought i was the only one who seemed to like rain and storms. idk why people always make a huge fuss about a it oif rain. enjoy it, i say!