Though I Am A Chicken...

 I am actually afraid of thunder storms, if I am alone. I usually have someone with me when they happen, so I'm not totally focused on then. I enjoy them because they are actually beautiful to me. I like watching the lightening race and reach throughout the sky. The zig-zag, spinning look they sometimes get into.

 I like the flashes that hurt everyone's eyes. I love how dark the sky gets. The way the clouds get all puffy and dark, too. I like to listen to the rain as it beats down onto the ground, splashing in every direction.

 Most of all, I love being able to get close to someone as I listen to the outside world. Not even in a sexual manner. No. Just the warmness that flows from someone, like my mother, for example. She has soft skin, and she's comfortable. She'll let me lay my head on her lap and listen to theoutside, knowing full well why I'm doing it...I'm afraid. Even though she is smaller than I am, i still find that motherly comfort with her. That protection.

 Someday, I'll be able to do that and look back on all the times it was with my mother, but instead of me being the child, the teen, the young adult...I hope that it's a child, a teen, a young adult of mine.

Ashwe20 Ashwe20
18-21, F
Mar 16, 2010