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Love The Rain

Hmmm there is something special about walking in the rain ..............of course one has to be dressed for the occasion.
Me I love rainwear, not the flimsy nylon stuff or the stuff that never keeps you dry. But the good old fashion stuff like a rubber, plastic or pvc mack.
A nice long one stops the water running inside your wellingtons, or like me I enjpy a pair of waders when country walking. You can splash and never have to care.

There is something about the way the rain just runs off the surface and if you taste it it even tastes of the rubber,pvc or plastic...........lovely.

I usually wear a rain hat or souwester made in the same material or even put my hood up. The sound of rain pitter pattering on the outside is music to the ears.

Do I ever get noticed ...........of course but the dog keeps most at bay and often it is a cheery 'hello' from most people.
Whether they see the mack I am sure they do but most think it is a sensible piece of rainwear. Anyway 'I AM DRESSED FOR RAIN'
and above all HAPPY.

Do I take my rainwear to seriously, to me no. I even wear certain macks in the house for pleasure and to relax in. Plastic macks make lovely dressing gowns.

Perhaps others think I am a bit kinky.....................but who cares what harm do we mack lovers do.

If you want to see a real classic rubber mack, check out the german Klepper (Klepper Mantel). I have three thanks to Ebay and they are truly delicious and a dream to wear. A credit to German engineering and their love for quality.

Well winter is nearly here in the UK.
So wrap up warm and enjoy your macks....................I cetainly am going to.

Mack Girl
mackgirl mackgirl 56-60, T 8 Responses Oct 19, 2011

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I love wearing raincoats too...pvc ones, and yellow is my favorite colour.....I've got a sou'wester on order, I absolutely love those!! And you're right, you cant beat the sound of the rain on the rain coat and rain hat!
I've only just built up the nerve to wear my raincoat in public...I used to worry what people would think, if they'd point and laugh at, I just don't care....I'm warm and dry meandering about in my rain wear, while others are scurrying madly around, soaked to the skin.
I also wesr my rain wear in my house...keeps me warm, and saves on heating :)

What a loverly story .i have the same problem as you where you feel pepole are going to giggle .i have to say it is lacking confedance .but I will say I have just brought a rukka rain suit in yellow .i have already got the sowester hat.its nerve racking about what I am doing .what I intend to do is to find a area away from my home .makes sure that is raining heavy all day.i am also going to get a pair of yellow Wellingtons .and get ready for the day .but I will do this and I will not have any other rain ware except yellow suit and wellingtons .and when I get in to the station I will see the rain. And I will have no excuse .other wise I will be soaked I will have hot drinks and soup .for my lunch to make things a bit terefied for me I will have to.walk thought a bissy town full of pepole .and head for the hills against the elements .and I will say when you have done the worst part.and I will be looking forward to my next trip you know its a shame that every one with this socail phobia.cant meet and overcome the fear as a some pepole like my self.i can not explaine the sensation on this .we need to be in a group where we hold each other's hands .it is the most loveing experance I have ever come across .and the rain ware is so soft and smoth its like a none stop cuddle

Hi macgirl,
Inow exactly how you feel,i look at the forecast,and when they say its gonna rain.
i usualy get my backpack,and stuff it full with our(plasticlovers all around the globe)a pair off colourfull or shiny black heeled wellies,two plastic macs,ashiny pvc mac,plastic pants ,***** shorts,long pink plastic nightie,plastic govourness blouse and two rainhats or souwesters and book a wk at sea.
The only downside is being born in the whrong body,people stair and giggle when they see me all macked up and booted,but sometimes ladies come up to me and ask me where i got those smart mac and boots from,so thats positive but why are people so narrow minded if i want to go out dressed like this,i dont harm or anoy anyone then i think,and feel so alone.
So i want to meet girls who arent offended by a men wearing plastic and pvc ladies macs,because they are classier and more feminine of style and i feel beautiful.
Like now when i whrite thid mail to you,i am wearing multipul layers off plastic and i am gonna sleep in them to.
Plasticgirl Erica

rain is beautiful thing to watch and nice to be wet if the temperature is hot

Had no problem with cold weather. Had to turn rads down couple of evenings.<br />
Nice warm jumpers but mainly lined pvc mackintosh lovely. Got it on now hood up.<br />
Bed time full length petticoat long sleave blouse to stop sticking then rustling nylon pu mackintosh for the night,

Wearing a lovely soft, smooth PLASTIC MAC (& over-trousers?) around the house is INCREDIBLY cosy & relaxing. Just chill out in plastic,,,then slip into bed, pull up the hood & drift into wonderful plastic-dream-filled-sleep.xx

hey i don't have any macs but i have some plastic bloomers that has prints on them and like you i like to ware this like a pajamas it feel great.

My dog would not need a mack, he's a Labrador and loves the water.

You certainly like your macks ! I think its wonderful that so much pleasure can be derived from the wearing of plastic, rubber etc. I wonder if your dog is ready for one ! You never know, he might be crying out for a nice shiny black doggy mack ! Keep yourself macked up, and enjoy yourself.