What is your biggest insecurity?
SailorsAngel SailorsAngel
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Over talking about my feelings and worrying what they think of me when I do xx

One of mine too. I'm a worrier, and I overthink too much.

Never a good thing overthinking it's hard not to even when ur kept busy.xx

That's for sure

I tried meditating it helps calm the mind :-) have a go it might help u xx

Already do.

How do u feel about it?xx

Meditation? I enjoy it. Sometimes i can almost get to an altered state of mind. Pretty cool

Good. I was doing it before bed but lately I've been too tired and ended up falling asleep.when do u meditate? Xx

Before bed.

If i'm not doin anything else! Lol

:-) what else are u insecure about?xx

Lol I know it's hard I feel but it's good xx

Lol not being good enough.

For what? Other people or urself?xx


That's a tough one.i always found no one is good enough but to urself it's important to know you are.

Yes. Agree too

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