Dear Reader,
This is the story of how I destroyed my planet to save all the other planets. But first let me start to the very beginning. It started like any other day boring yet suspicious. It was the day when Justin was going to be promoted as manager in a certain restaurant. After the ceremony when he became manager he became much more of a dictator than he used to be. Then suddenly a violent earthquake happened that rocked the whole planet Earth.
Suddenly the earth opened and demons, monsters and things unexplainable were crawling out from the ground. They were planning to make life miserable and torment people on our beloved planet. But they couldn’t function properly without a leader that is human.
They found the new the manager Justin the perfect candidate. For, he wasn’t really kind or good but he was really hungry for power. The monsters made him SUPREME OVERLORD ALPHA OMEGA or SUPREMO.
Supremo tormented everyone in sight wanting to conquer the world but he wanted a mate for he felt horny and to prevent prostate cancer. Unfortunately, he found the perfect candidate the beautiful, sexy, vixen, charming, hot and charming Amy. She had just gone on a date with her fiancée John. Supremo was jealous and brutally killed John by flaying meaning peeling off the skin and bathing him in a pot of boiling acid. Chopping his body into bits of pieces and blending it in the blender. Drinking it to make him satisfied.
He kidnapped Amy and forced her to make love with him. But, Amy refused for the thought of making love to that filthy, evil, putrid, hideous man. But he forced her but she couldn’t stand him so while intercourse died. Even though she was already dead he kept making love to her until he was satisfied.
The beloved friends of Amy heard of what happened and tried to avenge her. They formed the Crusader team. Each member has a unique ability that no other human being possessed. They even had a pet alien owned by the two cousins me and my brave cousin Rey.
Unfortunately one of the members blurted all our tactics and revealed the plans to end everything and it was Anne. Everyone of my friends were eradicated, mercilessly killed but until the end of their lives they fought bravely and honorably.
My cousin Ron, Gupa (pet alien) and I managed to escape Supremo. Rey found out that Supremo was lusting for more power. He wanted to control the whole universe. So my dear cousin found a way to annihilate Supremo unfortunately it would also mean obliterating planet Earth. We were the only remaining survivors all of our loved ones dead. We didn’t want it to happen to another planet. My cousin, Rey had a gem that could annihilate a planet and killing any living being, monster, demons and etc. Rey gave me the gem for it would only work with a person who wielded a sword of gold and a fan made out of pure silver. Supremo learned about our plan and asked for a battle to determine our faith.
When we were heading toward the battle ground Supremo had planned a trap to kill me. He shot an arrow filled with poisoned. Fortunately, Rey saw the arrow coming and sacrificed his life to save me. I was filled shock and terror wanting to kill Supremo with my own bare hands but I knew that he was filled with power. So I handed a letter to Gupa telling him to go back to his planet. Also, handing a very important box that could also one day save his own planet.
I finally saying the final words that is armageddon . I unleashed the power of the gem that destroyed the planet earth. I sacrificed my own self cause that would have my team would do. And that is how I destroyed my own planet to save the universe.

This story is just made up in my free time and the characters are just pure fiction.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 20, 2013