About Me - Alexia

My Name is Alexia and I am 27
A week in Rome with Michael is my idea of Heaven
I'm a hairdresser ~ I love the feel of hair
and when I'm in my salon I never have a care !
I love to live in England - best country on Earth
I'm glad I'm born in England - an accident of birth!
My cat's name is Snowy - I love her very much
I'm glad she's not a Rabbit - she'd be stuck in a hutch.
My car's a Mitsubishi Colt - in electric blue
I'm sometimes working MOBILE - when I fix your hair for you
I've got a lot of GIRL FRIENDS and MEN FRIENDS as well
My current "Special Man Friend" is the lovely MICHAEL.
Flats are most expensive for young single girls
My MUM lets me one in her house and I pay her in CURLS.
My favourite plonk is VIN ROSE which I thinks's rather chic
I'm not an alcoholic so ONE lasts me a week !
I love thing continental the language food and wine
but Spaghetti Carbonarra is the favourite food of mine.
If you check my Album you'll see all about me
as described in my poem - so why not look and see !

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Jan 7, 2013