I Am New To Writing

I have always enjoyed reading but haven't really written since leaving school.Last winter I suddenly had the urge to share my feelings and experiences and to record the things I see for posterity.I'm not sure why,maybe its my age and the fact that I take nothing for granted,things can change very quickly.
liquidamber liquidamber
51-55, F
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Putting thoughts on paper makes u reflective and forces you to delineate your sometimes ambivalent feelings and thoughts ...a very good way of journaling what's going on at different stages of ur life.

I also love to read! I am not good at writing though....Just something I do not have the patience for..

It's a good reflection of one's self to write. A history; if you will, of your thoughts, regardless of how petty they may be. Write on!