I Like To Read And Love To Write =)

I like reading when the book is good lol. A month or so ago I read 3 of the books from the uglies series within a week lol their like 400 pages each my friends called me a nerd lol.

And I love writing poetry and little sayings. It's a way of expressing how you feel and can be little messages to your self. Though I have terrible grammar lol but oh well I know what I'm writting most of the time lol =) I also love writting lyrecs. Or taking a poem I wrote and changing it up a bit to make lyrecs lol that's how I wrote my latest song. I've been told I'm natural poet. I find writting calming In a way. Lol =)
FullOfEmpty FullOfEmpty
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010