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I am writing a book that i want to be amazing, i dont know how im going to get published though. i would put my idea for the book on here but im afraid someone could steal my idea. But my friends tell me its good but its too much like twilight but i dont know how to change it. plus i have writers block right now. i dont know where to start.
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Stay totally focused and immersed in your story and let your imagination flow without thinking of any limitations or critics whatsoever. Once you start doing comparisons you might hamper your work, so my advice is write on to the end, get a copyright protection and find the right publisher. Good luck!

well i have read about a self publisher and u can sell it yourself. to like walmart and stuff

I am also writing a fiction book based on my life, funny and tragic kind of in the style of Augustin Burroughs. I want to publish it when I am done. I have no idea how to do that. I would like to find someone in publishing to read it and help me out. I think people would love this book and read it.

well i think i can get a copy of it on amazon, thanks for the help that might be what i need. if u need any help u can always tell me and ill try to help

There's a great book that fits what you're writing. It's a novel by Christine Feehan called "Dark Possession". I've read it and it should help you to pound out your detailing and plot. I have a copy if you're interested.

lol ya i quess my book kinda goes with the [plot of twilight but a different creature ^_^

ohh my bad i assumed that when you said twilight it was about vampires. But yeah writer's block has been kicking my a** too =

well mine isnt about vampires its about a demon. and revelations happening. it gets complicated but its a good story i think and thanks for helping me in this little writers standstill im having.

i'm writing a vampire story too that i want to get published ive been working on it for a year now. a lot of my friends said mine was too much like twilight so i took a few months off from the book and checked out other vampire stories like old school anne rice which helped me a lot. just some advice =)

First off congrats on your start to be an accomplished writer. I'm in the same position you are so I joined a writer's workshop in my city to have my work critiqued as far as where I'm at in my writing career. Don't listen to your friends although they may be right but if your work don't have copyright protection you're asking for trouble. what i mean is when someone uses your idea and get paid you'll be kicking yourself for a very long time. I would suggest sharing some of your unedited or unfinished writing samples with people who you know and can trust to give you pointers. After that, I would say when you're to publish do it.