My Writing Outlet, A Literate Roleplay Game

So some of you have never heard of Literate Roleplaying Games. It comes as no surprise, as I had not heard of it until about 3 years ago. Here is a quote about this topic " "Besides the pure power of imagination, role players in this respect have to be literate. They not only have to have an interest in reading and writing, they have to read and write well. RPG forum sites differ in the level of proficiency they require of players from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Though some websites may have a minimum of three hundred words per post, it’s always quality over quantity. Yes, these RP’ers act like serial writers, only more interactive with turn-by-turn posting." -G.C.

I thought that maybe this would interest some people. I recently started my own RP game inspired by the television show GREEK (basically about students at the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University and the interesting traditions surrounding its Greek system). This website of mine is in a forum format hosted by

So hopefully some of you will come check it out. If you like writing and reading, maybe you should try this game.
agzephyrc agzephyrc
Sep 28, 2011