To Understand And Escape From Reality.

The beauty of life can be hard to swallow without that bitter aftertaste.
I've found that reading can really help by entertaining me, and also by allowing me to create a world inside the world in which we live.. a world in which the rules of society can vary from my reality.
I also enjoy learning from reading, whether the book I'm reading is a fantasy, sometimes not even on this world or dimension, or the book takes place in actual reality, like a biography. To learn is to grow, and if that isn't what life is about, then I'm still searching :)
And while writing may play an important role in helping me to work through my problems, I'd like to use it as a tool to share happiness, joy, and experience with others. I would like to be a published author in my lifetime.
carolynblueyes carolynblueyes
22-25, F
Nov 18, 2011