I think the most difficult part of writing is picking a subject. I see myself wanting to write about so many things and in so many categories that I can't just pick one. I wonder about life and how we can help each other to live more harmonically without having to impose our ideas. At the same time I feel like talking about myself, but I never truly know how to express the deepest areas of my psyche.

I also spend a great part of my day writing and erasing.

I have been lucky enough to actually complete a master thesis and dissertation. Now I am trying to really concentrate on at least one subject I care about and I am having a hard time!

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I think starting small, with maybe personal anecdotes about your life is always a good way to start. Just to get a feel for it. sooner or later something will come to you and you will start writing and it will all come together. Just don't give up.

thanks it is funny I totally forgot I wrote this note. I was just googleing something similar and found this article then I remembered this account and saw your comments... thanks!

Good luck.