My New Passion(s)

I have recently found my passion of writing. I've always been told I write very elegantly and often my written communication is far better than my verbal communication, but until now I have never felt the appreciation of strangers, or friends I have yet to meet, on EP that have complimented my work and it has spurred my hunger to write. 

I have also being my self-development journey after what I suppose you could describe as an early mid-life crisis. Not happy where I was before, I now strive to become a better person reading books on self-development, communication and generally just how to become better. Now the only issue lies in transforming this information into action!!!
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4 Responses Apr 15, 2012

isn't it funny that you're so young, but you're already facing a mid-life crisis?<br />
Writing does help, even if no one is reading, but here on EP, you can post somethng and people always offer kind advice, that's why i love this site.<br />
<br />
and your writing is incredible. I'll admit is now, what drew me into commenting that first time on one of your stories was the fact that you wrote and expressed yourself so well. Honestly, it's great that you've found a passion for writing. And good luck with it. :)

Thanks so much : ) I guess you can call it "half-time" hehe but all the best to you as well!

Haha, I guess. But really, what's the teenage equivalent of a midlife crisis?
Oh, thanks :')

Kudos to you! Writing is therapeutic, and good for the soul....

Growing out of teen years to adulthood is a tough journey. Keep expanding. That is my advice. Open up not close down. So much to experience. Keep your passions close. Develope them and let them join you through your journey. Wish you well.

So well put!