Reader, Writer, Both?

I've been trying to write a book for over a year, but I keep changing my plot and I've loved to read for as long as I can remember, but I just can't decide between the two. So..I guess I'm a Wrieder? haha
JaneGirl7 JaneGirl7
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All the best.... Keep trying... You should be able to make to the BOOK.
Are you planning to use any pen name or just the same JANEGIRL7???

I hope so. I'm not sure, it would be interesting to have any of the pen names Jane Girl, Janga or JayBird..all of which have been my nick names lol

I have respect for anyone who can write fiction. That's my ultimate ambition, but I have to work my way through non-fiction first. Is your fiction based on your own experiences (or those of your friends) - or is it totally imaginary?

My fiction is based on many things. If I ever finish my book it will have some factual qualities to it. Like many writers I would use some of my own experiences and observations as well as that of others to better solidify a character or circumstance.
In my opinion, a good fiction writer leaves the reader wondering if it's really fiction after all. ;)

A thought on your language here: I recommend that you re-phrase that as 'When I finish my book...' - or it will become a self-fulfilling prohecy. How do you discipline yourself to stick to your chosen plot, rather than giving up midway to pick up on a different plot idea when the going gets tough?

Good point. Haha Well, I at least have to stick with a similar plot because I fell in love with my characters and certain scenes I've already written..that's about as disciplined as I get.