So Clueless, Maybe.

I really don't know what drives me here to this site. But I think, I just need some space from the bashing and cruel society outdoors. So, I'm really writing and for the next few seconds I'm going to share this one. My emotions, literally. I've been happy and sad at the same time these past few days. And I'm really worried already with myself. I keep distracting myself by reading a lot and a lot. I also do Zumba, which I prefer a quirky exercise that my friend suggested on me. And now, I'm stuck. I don't know how to continue this one but I do hope you, the one reading this, or maybe no one is reading this, will understand me. Because I'm really clueless about my life right now. I'm taking up civil engineering but my heart keeps on telling me to shift to journalism but I just can't literally. Family matters and my mom will kill me. Maybe because, I'm really hooked up with literature. I'm engaging to meet new people, even if it sounds so weird and my friends see me an alien. But I really like it. I hope you do also. I want to be lost. Not in woods, but lost with reality for a moment. Again, I'm stuck. So better end this one. And I hope you do understand me again because I'm really clueless about my life right now.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

:) I have a student with a similar dilemma! Except her family wants her to enter the medical field & she is DYING to be a civil engineer. Her family pressures her to the point where it is cruel and causing her a lot of unnecessary pain & self doubt. For Gods sake, she knows what she wants to do with her life and she has the tools and skills to do it WHY IS THAT A PROBLEM?!?!? :( I guess I'm just providing support here and letting you know you're not alone in this. I don't really have any advice beyond a thought-provoking question: If you follow your dreams and succeed and achieve happiness, is your family really going to care in 10 years what your career is? Most of all, in 10 years if you follow the path THEY made for your life, will you be able to love them without feeling hurt all the time? Will you be happy?

Best of luck to you! Its such a shame that we have to make these decisions all at once, and so young too :-/

Thank you so much. You are really helping me a lot. But I guess, I should continue my course. I'm starting to accept it and love it. Thank you again. :)