Short Stories!

Reading is more of a struggle for me than writing. Writing comes naturally to me and I really do love it. I know that through reading comes vocabulary though so I sould do it regularly.

I never wrote a whole lot of stories but my goal is to write more. Like short stories. Now that I've been thinking of it, WHAT A COOL HOBBIE! Writing basically allows you to make your own life on pages. If you don't like a particular person, you can write about them to your liking.

For the time that I'm writing, I'm brought out of my own life. And I have just a smidgen of control over something in this world: The people I write about.

What a power trip! : p

My resolution is to write as many stories as possible. There's my legacy

theanimallaminaeht theanimallaminaeht
18-21, M
Jan 31, 2010