My commute partner had read Great Expecttions in high school and had not particularly enjoyed the experience. I lent her my books on cd recording. She listened to it, gave it to her husband, and then listened to it again (we only commute together twice a week owing to schedules).

Now it is as if Pip, along with Joe and some of the other characters, are regular friends of ours. We refer to them as often as we do any of our many other mutual acquaintances. Well written characters remain in our lives every bit as much as the physical humans we know.

Now I've got to find my recording of A Tale of Two Cities so my partner can get to know Jarvis Lorrie, Jerry Cruncher and that whole gang.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

I think A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite, but it's close. I like Bleak House and David Copperfield. Of forget it; I can't choose. I have never listened to a book read (a recording). I'm not sure I would enjoy that. I like the voice in my head.
You're good at remembering character names too. Dickens' are special. But I have a terrible time keeping them all straight. They all blend together...But they certainly are memorable, that's for sure. Take Uriah Heep for example. Now that's a name even I can remember. haha