I am meaner than my brother
Yet no worse than any other

I have a spark
I can be dark

Little shame does bind me
If I care to hide
You will never find me

I’m fancy and I’m fickle
I’m the hay
I am the sickle

I am hot and I am cold
I’m the moss
I am the mold

I’m the sin
I am the sinner

I’m the weaver
I am the spinner

I’m the angel dressed in gold
I am the story left untold

I’m the woman in the mirror
I am the lover drawing nearer

I’m the tear that slipped the lid
I am the secret that you hid

I’m wild and growing wilder
I am tamed and growing milder

I’m waxing and I’m waning
I am filling, I am draining

I am woman in her nest
I am worse when at my best

hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
56-60, F
7 Responses Mar 7, 2012

i really liked this! wonderful.

Ralphie, to be honest, Gran sort of struggles with her writing in the spring and case you haven't noticed....

Ah good morning dear ProfDavros, thanks .... joyful hugs are being sent to you my friend! :-D

A fun frolicking had me at waxing........ ;-)

Thanks Deepsea :-D

im touched...

You're a doll :-D (((((((((((((((O))))))))))))) Hugs!