Moving On..........

My life sometimes is build with regrets especially on love. As a young person in society there are things that are occurring life. One of which is falling in love or sometimes its falling in like.
As time went by I truly search my life only to realized that I can easily fall for a thing or a human especially the opposite sex. However I have some regrets, when it comes to love I'm really still in the learning process with this. Sometime ago I remember watching mages goes to jail, where she spoke about having people in your life for a season and a lifetime.
It took me to realized that not everyone comes for a life time some people just come to show us something but we dont take the time to analyze the purpose and we get confused.
Honestly things I allowed in my past I wish I could change this but just have to move on and that's my main story right now.
beauty1012 beauty1012
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012