Why Love Stories Have Sad Enddings

Never trust a crying women and smiling man .
Chinese.saying .
I don't understand myself either why thr jell I keep on trying n giving others a chance to hurt me like this ... I have to realise the fact that its over and being very unethically he manipulates me everytime he need ... he is happy in his life his kids , wife girlfriends family friends etc etc ....I already hurt myself a lot.
I need an advice if anyone can how can I get over this when time to time he blAmes me , threat me as he have all our good time conversations saved now threats me .. is this love . I trusted him and now he is making me realise I was wrong . Who on earth safe his gf 's texts emails, record phone calls , pics and then threaten her to publicize after breakup. How on earth any female can continue a relationship when he is not willing to give up his current relation n agree for official commitment with that female ?? He was not willing to own me officially ..it was all in bearable for me to handle that , I don't want to demolish anyone's house to make mine .. why would I ? I rember once I said he loves me like he loves his ps 3 addictive .. infact ps3 is a lucky device atleast its in his house .. lol I was a. Biggest losser o. Earth .
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Jan 12, 2013