Early Reader

I started reading books really young I was about 7 when I picked up a steven king book and got all the way through it (mom wasent to happy about my choice) But anyway my aunt was reading dean koontz's books and handed me the fun house I loved it and I was hooked b the time I was 10 I devoured every one of his books I could get my hands on about 16 or 17 I put down the books what can I say I was a teenager. then I started dating a guy who is now my fiance and he was telling me about this book with a kid named barthalmoew in it well we found out it was dean koontz and I got back into reading again I recently purchsed his new book the darkes day of the year and I couldent put it down read it in about 3 days well cant wait for another one to come out

puppytech puppytech
26-30, F
Apr 13, 2008